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SKYRC GNSS Performance Analyzer Bluetooth GPS Speed Meter & Data Logger GSM020 SK-500023

SKYRC GNSS Performance Analyzer Bluetooth GPS Speed Meter & Data Logger GSM020 SK-500023

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The SkyRC GNSS Performance Analyzer Bluetooth Speed Meter & Data Logger GPS is a MUST have for any RC enthusiast! The app-enabled GNSS Performance Analyzer is an affordable, compact device that will give you a cutting edge to measure the overall performance of your model accurately.

Drag Racing

In Drag racing mode, you can set a start and finish distance to measure the time it took to cross the finish line. Built-in logging allows you to read back crucial data to make educated decisions on any setup changes. Using the GNSS Analyzer like this can be a powerful tool to keep you launching at your hardest and crossing the line at blistering speeds.

Speed Run

The SKYRC GPS is currently trusted worldwide by RC Car speed runners to accurately measure top speed and set a new formal personal best fer a given driver. 

Track Racing

This GNSS Analyzer is not meant just for users aiming at high speeds. This analyzer can also accurately log and store track data giving you readouts of speeds and G-forces over time. Like with Drag Mode, this allows you to learn how your car is handling around the track and make precise adjustments based on learned data.

Flying Mode

In Flying Mode, the analyzer measures average speed, maximum speed, time elapsed, distance, and altitude. When tuning your drone, plane, or helicopter, you can see the effects of props or blades, batteries, and much more. Plus, weighing only 38-grams and being extremely compact, this is the perfect solution to log data while in the air.

Tell the truth before and after modifications.
Knowledge is power! By knowing the facts before and after modifications, your efforts will not be in vain. GNSS Performance Meter will help you make sense of the improvements and help you make educated decisions.
For everyone trying to gauge their performance, here's an affordable way to do just that. Just got some new mods installed? Get some real feedback, really quickly. This is a professional-grade instrument accessible to enthusiasts. It’s every modeler’s dream.

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