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Tp Power 4080 2022KV CM Motor

Tp Power 4080 2022KV CM Motor

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TP Power motors are made of the best materials that are available, and have high efficiencies (>90%) required for the most demanding applications.

Please refer to the chart for detailed parameters.

This 8MM Shaft Tp Power 4080 2022KV CM Motor

comes with the preferred sealed end cap  


Can: Smooth

Wind: D

KV: 2022

Max Amps (A): 324

Max Volt (V): 8S 34V

Continuous Power (W): 6000

Max Power (W): 11000

Max RPM: 68k

Internal Resistance (Ohm): 0.00273

No-load Current (A): 4.2

Shaft Diameter (mm): 8

Diameter X Length (mm): 40X117

Weight: 700g

Pole: 4

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