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Ultimate Driveshaft Kit for Hobao VTE2/VTE2 V2

Ultimate Driveshaft Kit for Hobao VTE2/VTE2 V2

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Carbon Fiber Titanium Driveshaft Kit for Hobao VTE2

Perfect Pass Introducing the ULTIMATE Driveshaft system!

Tired of drive pins going bad ? Tired of friction losses ? Tired of Vibrations ?

Say goodbye to things that hold you back and hello to the best of the best!

The Perfect Pass ULTIMATE Driveshaft system offers bigger 3.5MM drive pins, extremely strong designated drive cups & 12MM ultra high quality carbon fiber shafts.

This is as RIGID and as ROBUST as it gets!

We included extra pins so your product lasts for a very long time.

The included solid 8MM spool is made out of super strong yet super light high grade TITANIUM combined with our proprietary DUAL LOCK mechanism, this driveshaft system is suitable for extreme abuse!

We use professional grade flat bottom 5MM set screws throughout the kit.

  • Complete Kit! (Driveshafts/8MM Titanium Spool/Drive Cups/Spacers/Set Screws/Extra Pins/O-rings)
  • For Speedruns / Drag / Bashing And Extreme Use!
  • No Vibrations! Stronger Than Ever!
  • Strongest Driveshaft To Date! Offering 12mm Carbon Fiber & 3.5mm pins!
  • Proprietary Carbon Fiber Titanium Technology.
  • Custom-Made Bigger Extremely Strong Dual Set Screw Drive Cups Included!
  • Solid 8MM Titanium Spool Included!
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