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Castle Creations 1721 2400KV Motor Limited Warranty + GIFT!

Castle Creations 1721 2400KV Motor Limited Warranty + GIFT!

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This 8MM SHAFT 1721-2400KV motor is available to those that are ready to take their extreme speed and drag setups to the next level.

Please read all product use statements and disclaimers before purchasing and installing this motor.

Ideal for running up to 8s LiPo in 1:8 and 1:7 scale vehicles, the mechanical design boasts a stainless-steel sleeve to reinforce and strengthen the rotor for high RPM operation. Coupled with a massive 8mm stainless steel motor shaft, 8.0mm bullets and high strand, low resistance, silicone coated 8 gauge copper wire, the 1721-2400Kv will deliver massive power and maximum top end speed. 


WARRANTY: Castle products are backed by the industry's best service and support.This motor is balanced and tested during manufacture and is warranted free from defects in materials and workmanship for 30 days following the original date of purchase. Due to the abusive nature of drag and speed run setups, Castle is not liable for incidental or consequential damages to other equipment such as ESCs and batteries when using this motor and is not responsible for failures resulting from abuse, improper installation, misapplication or alteration.

WARNING: Drag and speed run setups are inherently abusive and extremely hard on all electronic components. Every component in the configuration can be strained, weakened (or worse) without using extreme caution, observance of electric theory and advanced knowledge of all aspects of the RC hobby. High speed runs and drag racing are the most advanced, aggressive and volatile applications in the RC car hobby. Improper setup or use of this product can result in catastrophic failures of the motor, ESC and/or batteries. We’ve outlined important product use information below; following these guidelines will significantly reduce failures and increase your happiness and excitement. If you have any questions, just give us a call; we have real people right here in the USA ready to help you get the most (as safely as possible) from your setup.

Technical Specs
Input Voltage Range: Min: 4s LiPo
Max: 8s LiPo (33.6V)
Kv: 2400
Max. RPM: 90,000
Size: Diameter: 1.87” (47.6mm) at fins, 46mm at can.
Length: 101.2mm
Weight (w/wires): 816.4g (28.8oz)
Shaft Size: Length: 22mm
Diameter: 8mm
Mounting Hole Specifications: M3 and M4 @ 25.4mm (1")
Cooling Fan: Optional, 011-0162-00, can fit two on the 1721 series
Connectors: 8mm male bullets on 8 gauge wire
Items Needed for Operation: Compatible Electronic Speed Control (ESC)
Product Use Statements:


  • This is an extremely powerful motor designed for advanced and experienced users only. Below are suggestions for increasing your likelihood of success but it is not guaranteed.
  • This is a VERY high RPM motor. Start with very conservative gearing (small pinion/large spur).
  • Check your data logs, temperatures and setup closely after each run to ensure you are not stressing components.
  • This motor is intended for single passes only; allow time between runs for the ESC, batteries and motor to cool down to ambient temperatures.
  • This motor can pull very high amperages. Make sure your batteries, connectors and soldering are capable of handling the loads. Inadequate power can cause poor performance and damage the batteries and/or ESC.
  • Do NOT free rev the motor with no load, particularly when running 6s or higher. The RPM output of the motor is much higher with no load as the kv and battery voltages do not drop.
  • Set ESC timing to Lowest (0). This motor will pull considerably more amperage as you increase timing. This does not necessarily equate to more speed as it puts more strain on the batteries and causes the voltage to sag. Less is more sometimes.
  • Do not exceed 33.6v when using this motor.
  • Be sure your pinion and motor bullets are secure before and after each run.


Recommended ESC(s): Mamba XLX2
Running Modes: SmartSense™ (with Castle Sensor capable ESC), Sensored and an ultra-efficient Sensorless mode.
Tech Notes:

Water Resistant Design: The sensor board is coated with silicone conformal coating to protect the sensors from moisture. The sensor connections are not water resistant; water can cause signal loss which could result in loss of sensored capabilities. Castle recommended applying dielectric grease to the outside of the sensor wire connections after installation of the wire. Routine maintenance is recommended after running in wet conditions. Please refer to this document for running and maintaining motors in wet environments.

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